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Satgurunathar’s Knowledge in Spirituality

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Satgurunathar is well known for His in-depth and vast knowledge on all the Hindu scriptures. He is well-versed in Bhagavat Gita, Upanishad, Upa purana, Mahabharata, Ramayana and Ithikayas.

Satgurunathar is a very knowledgeable master where prominent experts come to Him for advice on spiritual matters. Satgurunathar’s simplest explanation on the essence of our holy Hindu scripture is comprehensible even by a normal lay man. He explains to each and every one according to their understanding capability as not to confuse or intimidate them with the highest knowledge of spiritualism. Although Satgurunathar is a highly enlightened divine soul, He will not reveal His understanding of a matter without being enquired. His familiarity pertaining to matters of live is only disclosed to those with inquisitive mind because Satgurunathar can be a little reclusive if not triggered. We may be losing a lot of invaluable treasure hidden within Satgurunathar if we do not seek for His advice. Satgurunathar’s divine knowledge is passed to His devotees in Vedantha class which is conducted at our Madalayam for the benefit of ll. Every class is an illumination to our ignorant mind and the answers Satgurunathar give for every question transform our superstitious mind into spirituality. Only with true knowledge which is given by a Satguru will make you understand everything in this life and beyond. ~Satgurunathar~

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Sepakat is a small international development organisation with a strong focus on peoples – empowering comunity to create positive change in their own lives, in their children’s lives, and in their communities. In addition, our organization is always helping the welfare of the community, children and the disabled people.

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