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Satgurunathar’s Concern for Nature

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Satgurunathar always stresses that we should always respect and nurture our environment and plants so that the future generation will have a better home.

Our five senses will only cooperate with us when we take care of the five elements of the nature: water, fire, wind, earth and sky. Going against the nature is the biggest mistake mankind is doing to nature, which hits back on human as natural disaster. Satgurunathar is always saddened by the ruthless human behavior towards nature. He strongly detests anyone who pollutes the environment and ill-treats the nature. As much as Satgurunathar loves animals, he always finds peace in being together with the nature. He loves to sit and meditate in the forest, witness the sun’s rays moving from the east to west, listen to the gushing water boundlessly streaming down the waterfall or ocean, enjoy the melodies of the cooing birds and the embracing wind. He encourages everyone to plant trees and save the environment as how He loves plants and gardening. No one is allowed to touch His plant without His permission because they are His children. Thus, Earth Day is celebrated at our Madalayam every year by planting trees around the Madalayam. God is nature and nature is God. Destroying nature is equal to destroying yourself. When you destry nature, nature in return will destroy you. ~Satgurunathar~

About Sepakat

Sepakat is a small international development organisation with a strong focus on peoples – empowering comunity to create positive change in their own lives, in their children’s lives, and in their communities. In addition, our organization is always helping the welfare of the community, children and the disabled people.

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