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Satgurunathar’s Bakthi toward God

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A true Satguru is someone who finds equilibrium in all Gods without partiality in supremacy. Criticizing one God just to belittle another is a negative aspect shun by Satgurunathar.

This kind of attitude is classified by Satgurunathar as baseless fanaticism merely created by ignorant and valueless people for their own benefit. Satgurunathar respects all Gods and observes all major Hindu festival prayers, besides conducting Shnamarga pooja at our Madalayam. Satgurunathar believes that one must be God fearing and possess true bhakti in order to attain the Almighty. Satgurunathar’s bhakti towards God can be witnessed and experienced through His unflinching devotion while performing a prayer. Satgurunathar always insists that no matter how many Gods we pray to, we have to learn to see all of them as one. It is like the many cells existing in our body. Even if one fails to function, the whole body will deteriorate, as how we will never reach Godhood when our mind fails to accept all forms of God as one supreme power. God is everywhere. Some people try to see God with closed eyes and others with opened eyes. But people forget to see God within everything and everyone. ~Satgurunathar~

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Sepakat is a small international development organisation with a strong focus on peoples – empowering comunity to create positive change in their own lives, in their children’s lives, and in their communities. In addition, our organization is always helping the welfare of the community, children and the disabled people.

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