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Satgurunathar’s Humanitarian Deed

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Satgurunathar’s service encompasses the entire world in many forms. He is very much concerned about every living entity in this world; from humans to animals and nature.

He has been involved in countless humanitarian deeds that have benefitted every living soul for the betterment of their lives. His humanitarian services include helping every human being to liberate from their threefold suffering: mental distress, physical disharmony and spiritual ignorance. His services provide the beneficiary with righteous spiritual knowledge, good health, honest livelihood, loving family and children, excellent education, prosperous wealth, compassionate heart and well-mannered behavior. Satgurunathar’s preaching and thoughts are succumbed to these services where He is always ready to lend His ears to the plight of the distressed minds and extend His hands to comfort the suffering souls. Satgurunathar’s humanitarian services have benefitted and enlightened many homeless elderly, orphans, people with critically illness, lawbreakers and many more who have been diverted into the wrong path in life to understand this birth and seek salvation before it’s too late. Each person need peace. People are going after something for peace, which will not give them peace at all. The peace is within you. To reach there you need a Satguru, a true Satguru. ~Satgurunathar~

About Sepakat

Sepakat is a small international development organisation with a strong focus on peoples – empowering comunity to create positive change in their own lives, in their children’s lives, and in their communities. In addition, our organization is always helping the welfare of the community, children and the disabled people.

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