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Satgurunathar’s Love for Animal

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As for Satgurunathar, animals have equal right to live in this world. They should be cared with love and compassion and not with cruelty. .

Many such four-legged friends have taken shelter in our Madalayam and continued their livelihood together with the other occupants here. Satgurunathar has showed his care and love for numerous cats, dogs, birds and fish. In fact, Satgurunathar was blessed by Nagamma in His early life of spiritualism where she coiled Him during His tapa in Nagamalai Temple, Muar. Satgurunathar has the capability to communicate with them and understand their needs. Wherever Satgurunathar goes, animals are quick to make friends with this noble man. Temple elephants thankfully bless Satgurunathar, monkeys pull His robe to play with them, peacocks dance in joy, birds fly freely and lions bow in respect. Satgurunathar’s inclination toward animals has influenced many devotees to adopt and care for animals. Many dogs at our Madalayam have been secured good homes and families by Satgurunathar. They are fortunate to have landed in our Madalayam and show their gratitude by become good self-proclaimed guards of our Madalayam. Don’t hurt animals. You have no right to do that. So, just give them food and shelter. They will take care of themselves and you. ~Satgurunathar~

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Sepakat is a small international development organisation with a strong focus on peoples – empowering comunity to create positive change in their own lives, in their children’s lives, and in their communities. In addition, our organization is always helping the welfare of the community, children and the disabled people.

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